When one jolly well needs to hear common sense.

Seasoned event professionals gather here to let down their guard to talk sensibly about management systems. Don’t come here for lessons in B2B speak. We’re all about telling it like we bally well see it.

… and finally, we shall blind them all with such depth of confusion that they will never choose to leave our all-in-one event management platform. EVER!!


Are you sure this is the best method of participant matchmaking_

How to eradicate wishy-washy event ROI – Part TWO

In Part Two of our series on ROI, we meet with Tim Groot from Grip and experienced organiser/marketer Simon Daniels. We delve into the real questions organisers should be asking in order to gather and distribute better participant information which in turn makes for deeper connections across all audiences. We even have a poke at the ‘365’ concept to see how it’s holding up after all these years… is it still a focus for organisers? Should it be? Or is it a red herring?

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How to eradicate wishy-washy event ROI – Part One

This is Part 1 of a series covering event ROI. In this episode we grill seasoned conference and event organiser, Katie Draper, on the difference between idealism and reality when it comes to measuring the success of an event. Success for whom? What’s really driving the most important markers? What should we be doing and how ought we go about it? Originally intended to be a short discussion, Katie’s insights are so deep, challenging and helpful, we decided to produce a topic series. Enjoy.

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Defining an event management system without the hernia

In this inaugural episode we divulge our personal experiences and beliefs around what, exactly, makes for an Event Management System. The world’s gone a little mad of late in that regard with every Tom, Dick and Harry suggesting that their little box of magic tricks is the answer to everything one can ever dream of. We’re here to bring a jolly good dose of common sense to that developing conversation.

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